At the British Invention Show a packaging closure, the patented Squeezeopen container stole the show by winning its top awards,’ Invention of the Year’ and the coveted ‘Excelsior Trophy’ (a two-foot tall glittering obelisk of solid silver, glass and white granite. Designed to last 100 years. The trophy will be proudly passed from hand to hand with the successive inventor’s name inscribed each year).  Mark Sheahan (the inventor of the new closure) has the honour of being the first name placed on the trophy and also picked up the Gold Consumer Product Invention of the Year.

Mark Sheahan, ''There was a real buzz at the show and around our stand as the general public had a chance to use our various containers and tell us what they thought of them.  The reaction was absolutely fantastic, especially from people with weak grip, including the elderly and the disabled, who were amazed and wanted to know where they could buy it now and when would it replace the difficult to open packs currently on the market''.       

Mark Sheahan with the 'Excelsior Trophy'

Gold consumer product award

Mark also said ‘‘in the last two years this project has grown from strength to strength (as openability becomes a major issue).  We have sold Licences both here and in North America and are still looking to sell more, as no one company could service all the potential markets that this closure could penetrate’’.  For the latest award information please go to INPEX Awards page.

Gold Consumer Product


BIC award Geneva award INPEX award
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