Compgen Limited, a London based Innovative company, has scooped two major award for innovation for their innovative packaging closure device at the 31st International Exhibition of Inventions (New Techniques and Products) in Geneva Switzerland..

The patented Squeezeopen packaging closure won a gold medal (with a special accreditation from the Jury) at 31st International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.  In addition, the Taiwan Invention Association presented us with their premier award for invention at the show.

Mark Sheahan (a Director of Compgen Ltd) developed the new design of packaging closure which he branded Squeezeopen after being frustrated with hearing the age old complaint of how people have problem opening containers that are currently available on the market.  

 Taiwan Premier Award

''Consumers either have problems because the screw top lid has been put on too tight, the child proof locking system has locked the parent out or it is simply too complicated to open.  This has led to many consumers taking a knife or scissors to the container which then incurs in a high percentage of injuries”.

Simply squeeze to open provides consumers with an alternative packaging solution.  The technology comprises of a lid that is a press snap fit onto the base of the container.  All the consumer needs to do is simply squeeze the side of the lid and the lid will pop off and what makes it even more special is that only one hand is needed! 

Gold Medal



 BIS award

 BIC award INPEX award

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