The Naked Inventor® Calendar

Mike Keenan, an inventor who has developed a product which can make any material completely fireproof, gets naked to become Mr. November for the Naked Inventor® Calendar 2004.  Mike’s product was put to the test when he stripped down to his birthday suit and set fire to his special formulated grease for the picture.

Mike was joined by eleven other inventors (of both sexes!) of the Croydon Round Table of Inventors and ideas21 who all stripped off for a new calendar in aid of the charities Cancer Research and Motivation.  

Steve Capon ( of the BBC Dragons' Den fame, inventor of the Invelope®  , came up with idea and with the help of Mark Sheahan, Barry Slayford (CRTI) and Jenny Madalura, made it happen to get their kit off for the photo shoot at Tiger Tiger a nightclub in Croydon.  Even the photographer, Duncan Shackley, and inventor of a football game, took his clothes off!

Mike Keenan

The Naked Inventors are :
January Steve Capon  Invelope® - unique storage system 
February Barry Slayford  Arson Proof Letter Box 
March Steve Singh  Remote control plug-in dimmer 
April Karen Witter  A unique shoe design that allows two styles in one 
May Kevin Barrett  Earth Quik 
June Caroline Wagstaff   Bodybaster 
July David Bean   3D gym (Trojan gyms) 
August   Mark Sheahan   Squeezeopen™ & Popi
September Brian Lukes Remote solar powered bendable parking post 
October  Ian Stuart Benchrover 
November  Mike Keenan  Fire proof products 
December  Jenny Madalura   Reusable Candles (Perpetual Candles)
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