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Our closure has been specifically produced for easy openability, even for people with a weak grip, such as the elderly or disabled.  Many existing packs, especially twist-off tins or screw top jars can be difficult to open for many customers.  To open the cream & gels containers (yellow containers shown below) , simply squeeze the lid sides and it will pop off (under your full control).  To close it, simply push the lid on the base. 


Child resistant version

The Target Areas that we have compiled is in no way a completed list, as we seem to identify new product areas weekly.  The dark blue-lidded photo realistic design, shown here is a Child Resistant version where two arrows (one on the lid and one on the base) need to be lined up before the sides can be squeezed in to open.  Quite often CRC’s, in precluding children, you preclude adults with a weak grip, such as the elderly or disabled.   Once the arrows are in line on our design it becomes an easy to open package.  This planned development would be suitable for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and many other market applications. 

Child resistant photo-realistic version  

The new closure, combines an effective seal with an unusual 'press and pop' opening action, and has been designed to provide an alternative packaging solution to a variety of existing tins, plastic jars and dispensing closures.

Other planned developments are a tamper evident (as shown here) design with a tear band) container and a dispensing cap.

Tamper evident version

Tamper evident photo-realistic version

Creams and gels version

It can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes (e.g. square, oval and oblong) to suit individual products and brands. For example, a plain straight-sided version, as shown here, is ideal for creams, gel and polish.  A more decorative version with a smooth contoured shape is also available.

The container can be produced in standard or pearlescent finishes, and decorated with embossing or a foil blocking.  

Cream and gel  photo-realistic version

Further information on the Squeezeopen™ Closure/Container



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