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The patented SqueezeopenTM packaging concept is suitable for most markets, including foods, toiletry items, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and is now available for license globally.  Three major companies have already secured a United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, Japanese, Chinese and North American license in a number of designated product areas.  The originators of this novel development are anxious to conclude further exclusive or non-exclusive licenses (as one company alone could not service all the potential markets that this new closure could penetrate) either territorially or worldwide.  Some areas currently being explored or commercialised are: snack foods, confectionery, cereal, smokeless tobacco/snuff, hand-cream, pet-food, polishes, bathroom beads, therapy dough, soap, storage, wipes/pads, antiperspirant roll-on and coffee.


Our SqueezeopenTM, easy-open and close  containers offers many benefits (compared with most screw-threaded closures) in cost, material and cycle speed reductions.  Also pack openability has become a major issue in recent years, with an ever-increasing elderly population and with over 67,000 packaging accidents recorded annually by Accident and Emergency departments in the UK alone (where consumers, amongst other things, cut themselves when using a sharp implement to get into difficult to open packs).


The SqueezeopenTM closures consists of a lid that is a press snap fit onto a base that serves as the container.  Opening is performed, using one hand only, by squeezing the lid’s sides to ‘pop off’ and then releasing your grip, the base will then fall out  under your full control.  Making the package pleasingly tactile, 'cool' and extremely age group friendly.  A multi-purpose inner symmetrical ramp system guides and joins the components together (creating an effective air tight seal) when the lid is pressed onto the base and helps to force the components apart when the lid sides are compressed.






SqueezeopenTM  has the following attributes:

We have three working samples of SqueezeopenTM containers.  Our 'disk shaped' pack sample is being sold in the UK, in both retail outlets and as a marketing aid.  Please note: New samples of a lockable Squeezeopen are being development to pass a drop-test and be child resistant, as well as easy-open.

Worldwide family of granted patent coverage

Development tools available for market testing

High performance in achieving product integrity

Recipient of thirty major innovation global awards
Faster than screwed-on closures on capping machines


Easily adapted for CRC and tamper evident requirements

Thermoplastic elastomer (TE)

Proven ‘openability’ for the elderly and handicapped users

Using a 'twin-shot' moulding method, e.g. injecting a second shot of a TPE around the outer and inner lid sides, adds texture, improves handling, produces a cosmetics two-tone effect and a quality liquid seal. 

Faster and easier to manufacture than most threaded designs

Closure will also work with an oval, square or oblong shaped lid

Suitable for injection, extrusion blow and injection blow processes


Expressions of further interest in this licensing opportunity should be directed to the undersigned, preferably in the first instance to Mark Sheahan at tel.no: +44 (0) 20 8692 8455 (in the UK) or email: mark@squeezeopen.com

Compgen Limited 21 Tressillian Crescent London England SE4 1QJ   




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