S Q U E E Z E O P E N 
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General Packaging 

 Food Packaging

Furniture and floor polishes Ice cream
Fabric conditioner/soap powder Coffee
Shoe creams (tin replacement) Tea
Chewing tobacco/snuff Granular/powered/liquid drinks 
Dispensing (directional) gels/paste Margarine/butter and substitutes  
Family of containers (stock item) Cheeses
Agchem granular (agricultural) Pate
Pet food & litter Spreads
Tamper evident closure (specify) Yoghurt
Cigar container (tin replacement )
Bathroom beads

 Dried Foods

Point of sale case Snack food (specify)

Toiletry & Cosmetic 

Cotton buds Biscuits
Antiperspirant roll-on Breakfast cereal
Hair gels Peas, lentils, rice etc
Shampoo/conditioner Crisps
Petroleum jelly Herbs & spices 
Hand creams Confectionery
Cleaning pads/moist tissues (wipes)  

 Bottle Neck/Cap & Cartons

Lipstick Condiments (specify)
Sun tan lotion Jams and peanut butter 
Shaving cream/soap (added value) Liquids
Mouth wash




Air freshener
Cough medicines CD case
Plasters Home storage
CRC for tablets & capsules


Vitamins  D.I.Y.
Creams (*) Dispensing directional sealant
OTC preparations (specify) Miniature paint pots
Bandages Car wash


* Medication and prescription pharmaceutical applications.


The patented SqueezeopenTM Global  Awards


'Best of Show' INOVA, Croatian Invention Show  *  Grand Prix Award (overall winner) INPEX Pittsburgh USA  *  Plus Two Gold Medals (Manufacturing & Novelties/Gifts at INPEX)  *  Gold medal (with a special jury accreditation) 31 IEI Geneva  * Premier Award for Innovation Innovator of the Year UK *  Premier Innovation Award, Taiwan  Invention Association  *  Visteon Award for Manufacturing Innovation  *  Invention of the Year British Innovation Show  *  Coveted Excelsior Trophy winner, solid silver 100 year award  *  Gold Consumer Product Invention  of the Year UK  *  Best Innovation PackAge Convention UK.